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Any Miko Suggestion in 2021?


Im from the SA server and im looking for a decent miko build. I dont mind it being dps or support but i would like it to focus more in the support side of things.

Right now, i have a plague doctor that i love to use (movement speed is the main reason tbh) and i would like to mix miko with it, however i know that they dont have much sinergy.

Im open to any suggestion.

PD: If you link me or tell me the main skills to level up would be much appreciated <3

I’m using Miko Paladin Kabba as sub healer. Miko sweeping increase Paladin Barrier level by 2 and Kabba Ein Sof means 100% barrier uptime.
You would probably have a diev so Kabba can be swapped to Plague Doctor as you like.

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If you looking for dps build with miko there are 2 meta

  1. Miko Exo Cru
  2. Miko Exo Krivis
    Both has similar play style, just cru is more focus on personal dps while Krivis has more buff to party
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Krivis has exactly one buff that is applied to party members with halved value (Zalciai). All other buff skills(Aukuras,Daino) apply only to the caster.

Crusader on the other hand has now a forced healing effect when using his skills, so I wouldn’t say Krivis is more supportive for the party, as both classes have some sort of party support.

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it center around PD instead miko cause miko dont have vv
hamaya+black death stem make you become crit resist bomber,if dmg you seek you can get crit dmg booster like druid or sadoomph, but yeah they just booster synergy, nothing as fancy as miko-exo hamaya-entity combo which is sucks because the dull witted imc

dmg:DM+death sentence+kagura+hamaya+pandemic vv.
heal:healing factor+art,hamaya art
support: prophecy,DM,foretell,omikuji,modafinil

or oracle->diev for faster pandemic spam and statues+clap

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That healing effect is negligible tho. On my 50:50 SPR:INT build that healing is barely visible even without guardian Saint.

134% HF at best. What would you expect?

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If you really want a miko-PD combo, you are inclining to DPS builds so adding support for seems not optimal for 3rd class.

Assuming you got PD vv, you can try the following builds:

  1. Miko/PD/Crusader - miko sweep boost magic circles of crusader…and crusader arts on chant has some little heal for PT(can be count as support lol)

  2. Miko/PD/Exorcist - exorcist entity boost miko Hamaya, it hits like truck. And you get good aoe low cd skills with exo, good for mobing.

Note: if you don’t have PD vv, i would say its not worth to get PD on the build.

But if you really insist to get Miko - PD together and you want a support type, you might try to add Diev.
(this is purely Theorycrafted idea - haven’t tested, haven’t seen any, but might work based on paper)
Be an owl statue summoner(max owl, max clap), and focus your PD skills on support skills like healing factor, modafinil, Fumigate, and Methadone. You can still max BDS with that, and adding the Owl statue and hamaya, you can do DPS while healing and buffing.

With that, you are a bit of a buffer(diev miko), a bit of a healer(healing factor with arts) and a bit of a dps(Owl, hamaya, BDS)

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