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Any idea for make new start for your existing chars

i read the patch the basically quit reduce and modify everything now can call it class buff=CB(only apply to a class specific not the other 2 you have xD the defined attributes (make a skill extra buff or change effect) are deleted like 95% or modified but reduce ratio effect of course or they put the mighty solve problem: buff increase final damage on the buff xD. now you can use every class except the craft class (alche,squire,etc)and just hit and kill all have same formula now … well someone know new build or now dont care that?now just choose about your tastes? no meta?

meta never gone, just change to another way obey the requirement and best solution for current situation,

Raid and F2 farm is more to high solo target damage output , all solo top damage class will be the meta.

since all class have great different in solo target damage output , class like warlock(low tier) will totally out of action

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thanks, but other hand in a good way that changes make a big optimization for game because alot of line code has beed reduced and simplified.

My wolfy druid build now dead. Not because the lower value of lycanthropy skill but I can’t in fluffy form all the time anymore. What a point to play then?
OK. in my sight they try to separate each class individually. but after all, the weapon and Item buff (like card) are strict us with a small number class. So, this patch will not change things much from yesterday. Ithink.

When Taoist was used to buff your elemental damage, but now only buffs the one or two skills of the class you can afford, what’s the point to play the class anymore? Why the hell adding synergies in the first place if it was just to revert that change one year later?

In my team I have 12 chars, and with the last patch I was only able to rework some of them. Today they will be all naked and will require a full rework again. And without synergies, I have no idea how many builds I will be able to salvage. My idea when playing this game was to try different builds with zero repeated classes, but I have no idea if this will still work. What will I do with those builds with Druid, Featherfoot and any class that has been butchered in this patch? I don’t want to play six Pyromancers and six Crusaders…

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for now focus on one / two char for content thats all we can do for now.whe you get a better idea can done other chars

This will work more than ever in this patch. Every Class is almost independent from one another, and are close on performance. The differences appear when you have almost optimal Gear (Lv. 4 Vaivora, Lv. 3 Goddess/Demon Armor, Lv. 10 Res Sacrae, Goddess Gems, Lv.10 Goddess Card, etc), and before that you can pick wathever you want and is going to perform well, so go for it <3

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