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Any Good Swordsman Builds for Singularity?

It seems like melee dps classes are at a big disadvantage in challenge mode singularity. They lack the aoe of wizards and have to get in close to kill which means getting hit and singularity mobs hurt. Are there any viable swordsman classes that don’t require heavy gears outside of Savi Dysani set and Savi/Legenda weapon? Would a good tank class with CC like Murmillo/Pelt/Barb be good for Singularity or would the killing power be too low to finish?

Equip blue stats:

  • attack against medium offsetting
  • attack against plate/leather/cloth offset (if you’re wearing plate, choose plate offset. if you wear leather, use leather offset).

Our flagger have those stats and never dies, mobs in dscm barely scratch him. Only thing he does is buff, plant flag and cast akrova.

It really depends. I’m a barb-doppel-blossom and i can sing5 without much issue depending on party comp (my damage is not a problem). Sometimes we have a paladin in our party and it is really easy, sometimes we just have a regular full supp build with other people doing the control task (cryo,pyros,etc).

I also have some skills to protect myself (cleave, seism, flash). It is all about playing it correctly. If u want to play like a regular CM7 when people afk pressing buttons, it can go wrong really fast. Sing 3 is pretty easy though.

My Gear:
Full savi dysnai +11 trans 5 with Sauk
+16 glacia legend weapon
Punishment Ark 6
Pouncing 30
Blossom Slash 20
Control Blade 15
Cyclone 15

The gear above is not required, but it makes me avoid constant kicks due to the amount of damage i can dish, especially with buffers/linker to compensate lack of AOE. Boss potential is insane

Curious about your Sauk rotation? and are you using Channeling Set?

I still dont have the channeling, but im working towards it.

My rotation is:
Deeds - Startup - cleave - zwer(bleeding) - liberate - sauk -> strong skills (blossom slash, pouncing, etc)

SInce sauk cd is low, u can time it with blossom slash/pouncing/cyclone cds when startup and liberate are on cooldown (i have vaivora so i can use a lot of blossom slashs in beetween)

When i get channeling set i will prioritize pouncing and cyclone arts and rotation (right after blossom slash on bosses)

I’m surprised at this approach even without Channeling set. Do you feel your dps is lackluster with Sauk compared to Ataka?

I mean, not that i am super happy with Sauk concept and effect itself (more buttons and buffs to worry about), but i wanted to upgrade my gear so Ataka is not an option.

Damage-wise, i didnt compared both so i cant say. But i also dont feel i lack damage in any content. When u put into equation damage boosts from savi dysnai/ glacia legend both for CMs/DMs and Raid/WB, its hard to keep Ataka IMO.

There is no point on the long run to keep Ataka, since the new set effects SHOULD be stronger, right? If they arent right now, maybe they will buff it / nerf ataka? idk

I’m only wondering because with Seal +3, and Ataka set Dragon Strength increase, I’m losing a lot of crit damage using Sauk (considering we have similar setup and no channeling)

I believe channeling will make it better than Ataka for sure.

Yeah. With channeling set and comboing sauk + pouncing and cyclone the damage is gonna be insane (probably getting 8M per pouncing hit every 20sec).

Set is pretty expensive though, i may get 2 pieces soon if i can finish my sing resets, which is already good enough (200% + dmg)