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Any Good FS builds?

I have a few friends thats joining me in and I usually go for support/healer classes with them, any tips for a FS cleric?

Diev-Priest-Oracle for general contents
you can have a look at Pardoner,Kabbalist,Paladin , they are situational

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priest - diev - xxx

where xxx can be:
Oracle = damage booster and best utility
Kabbalist = Better healing(recommended if you are not that geared yet)
Pardoner = good on several raids for magic def, also nice healing
PD = if you want to go fassssttttt…good party healing but need to be close to each other.
Paladin = for tankiness, damage/defense boosting, and infinite SP lol
Druid = also good healing but need to stay in place

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What card should I go after (purple/red/blue/green)
umm mind telling me where to dump my free stats on and on what stat to focus on?

Also is Miko any good? would also want a build with it.

for FS cards
Blue - boruble(+healing) or Zaura/Nuale(pdef/mdef) Or Varle King(budget version of boruble)
Green - Rozalija(+spr) Or Link roller(budget version of Roza)
Purple - i personally use 1 gazing golem(pain barrier) and 2 Rikaus(+sp potion effect)…other choice would be molich(Block), Yeti(HP), Dullahan(chance to resurrect) or anything (im not really familiar on purple cards for support)
Red - anything(you wont really benifit in any red card afaik since it generally for offense)

Status Allocation would be SPR or CON or Combination
for me, if healing is below 11k no buff, i would go for full SPR…but if geared enough, you can go full CON

Miko is quite an offensive class but can be used as support on special occasions/party compositions.
My guild uses Miko-Paladin-XXX for big guild raids like Boruta and Giltine as secondary healer/support. I wont recommend it since its really (super)situational where you need a perfect party composition to make it work.

Id recommend to start with Priest - Diev - Kabbalist(best healer imo) and change Kabba for Oracle once you feel you dont need kabbalist heal