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Any Good FS builds?

I have a few friends thats joining me in and I usually go for support/healer classes with them, any tips for a FS cleric?

Diev-Priest-Oracle for general contents
you can have a look at Pardoner,Kabbalist,Paladin , they are situational

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priest - diev - xxx

where xxx can be:
Oracle = damage booster and best utility
Kabbalist = Better healing(recommended if you are not that geared yet)
Pardoner = good on several raids for magic def, also nice healing
PD = if you want to go fassssttttt…good party healing but need to be close to each other.
Paladin = for tankiness, damage/defense boosting, and infinite SP lol
Druid = also good healing but need to stay in place

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What card should I go after (purple/red/blue/green)
umm mind telling me where to dump my free stats on and on what stat to focus on?

Also is Miko any good? would also want a build with it.

for FS cards
Blue - boruble(+healing) or Zaura/Nuale(pdef/mdef) Or Varle King(budget version of boruble)
Green - Rozalija(+spr) Or Link roller(budget version of Roza)
Purple - i personally use 1 gazing golem(pain barrier) and 2 Rikaus(+sp potion effect)…other choice would be molich(Block), Yeti(HP), Dullahan(chance to resurrect) or anything (im not really familiar on purple cards for support)
Red - anything(you wont really benifit in any red card afaik since it generally for offense)

Status Allocation would be SPR or CON or Combination
for me, if healing is below 11k no buff, i would go for full SPR…but if geared enough, you can go full CON

Miko is quite an offensive class but can be used as support on special occasions/party compositions.
My guild uses Miko-Paladin-XXX for big guild raids like Boruta and Giltine as secondary healer/support. I wont recommend it since its really (super)situational where you need a perfect party composition to make it work.

Id recommend to start with Priest - Diev - Kabbalist(best healer imo) and change Kabba for Oracle once you feel you dont need kabbalist heal


What end game gear should I be going after?

You need legenda cloth set and legenda weapon ofc

For armor ichors, you can start gradually with:

Cheap starter set: skiaclipse compassion set (must have for starting healer main)

“I got budget” set: Wonderous - stability set OR glacia thaw set(if you wanna white witch norm/hard)

End-game: Goddess Austeja armor set(make this if ASAP if you really a hardcore healer main)

For weapon ichors:
Cheap starter: moringponia mace
End game: vaivora mass heal freeze

For shield:
Cheap: wastrel shield
End game: vaivora concentrate defense

Cheap set: Carnas zeisty set - available in mercenary badge shop(must have, ingridient for karaliene)

“I dont need healing power” set: moringponia juoda set(must have, ingredient for karaliene)

End-game: karaliene Moringponia Juoda set

“I wanna flex” end game set: Luciferie juoda set

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Oh this is what I was looking for thanks :o really

moringponia shield should be a better investment. It also has high SPR but allows the user to get doubled crit when blocking, which can be useful when using corruption Heal to level/quest/solo content.

I would actually suggest Kabbalist instead of Priest. Kabbalist is the better healer since he has access to two healing skills, he has access to a party-wide invulnerability skill (Merkabah with arts,needs the players to mount the thing), has great self-healing/HP boost and cool down reduction with Ein Sof (don’t use the party attribute) and access to a similar revive skill (Revenged Sevenfold with arts).
On top of that, Kabbalist gets extra healing for Heal and free movement speed when equipped with 4 parts of a cloth set.

The greatest boon for a beginner is the recovery via HP recovery stat on Ein Sof and Nahash, meaning a low healing stat will not matter as much in the beginning.

Later, when the player has enough attribute points, switching Kabbalist for Priest(ressurection for raids, Turn Undead for DCP is great when the level is higher than 450) is more beneficial, but for a beginner, I would suggest building around Kabbalist + probably Plague Doctor, because Healing Factor is a great party heal with little investment (only needs 1 art +1 attribute instead of a maxed enhancement attribute) and Beak Mask adds to the casters survival capabilities in CM/DS.
Modafinil is always welcome, combined with Ein Sofs cooldown reduction it even has better uptime in raids, and works even without the enhancement attribute(also great for questing, extra stat points can matter a lot when you don’t have the gear yet).

You could build Kabba>PD>Miko, would work for most content that doesn’t need specific gear.

moring shield for 2x crit rate??? but he asking for a FS(full support) build, not a DPS. Wastrel shield provides “chance of resisting all debuffs” which is needed for healer for survival(dead healer = dead party).
Corruption heal is not even a decent source of damage event full upgrade and arts, youll just waste your SP spamming skill that just tickles the enemy.
Lets face it, Healer can never do anything solo(leveling, quest, content) in this game. Adding Assisters and cute damage skill can get you by, but youre still gonna be way too far even vs the weakest dps class(yea im looking at you hackapelle) when it comes to performance/result.

Kabbalist is good, but dropping priest for kabbalist is a bad idea. Why trade Revive for a ripoff and far weaker version R7F arts? Revive is 2min buff with 2min cd that prevents your party from dying. R7F w/ art is just 15second buff and 5min cd.
Also dropping priest, you lose access to 4 of the best support skills on cleric tree:

  • Revive(prevent death)
  • Resurrect(resurrects/revives dead ally)
  • Mass Heal(highest heal factor, wide area heal, low CD, and has synergy/special effect with healer accessories and vaivora)
  • Aspersion(around +50% physical defense for all allies, one of the best defensive party buff)

and a bonus skill: Monstrance which is a really goooood debuff specially vs high evasion boss or your pt has low accuracy. (Only REAL support players take this skill)

and after dropping priest, you pick kabbalist+PD? thats weird. PD is also a good healer but is situational - only for contents that you are going to stick together. For raid contents, your party = RIP. Stick together for healing factor close healing art and get slap altogether by Moringponia/Tantalizer/Glacia/Giltine/Abataras/JS Boss or even Skiaclipse, and even in GvG, get meteored and die together - your 15sec R7F wont save your party for the second time, and you cant even revive your dead party members coz you drop priest for some weird class combinations.

Not only you drop priest and pick 2 weird class combination, you also drop Diev for miko. You lose upto 26%(max?) cd reduction which is really critical for doing high dps rotations. Your Einsof only give 15%, not even enough to make itself 100% uptime. Also RIP to your party’s SP since you ditch diev SP buff statue.
Miko is good buffer but doesnt fit a healer build. It can pass as secondary support but your party needs a REAL support healer if you really insist to bring miko support. And as far as my experience, we only using secondary support miko on Demonic Sanctuary Blockade Battle(guild edition) and that is because our DPS are super geared and really worth it to be buffed - so think about it as an advance support class that is only needed in special occasion.

picking healer/support, you are already locked down on a specific gear progression (which is what I listed above). You cant be decent healer wearing random stuff.

Also take note that OP might be a newbie(or new in healer class), so please don’t feed him with theory crafted ideas that not even a single player has tried and got better result.

There is a Reason why “Priest-Diev-XXX” is the top support Meta build for years, even before rebuild.

PS: Sorry for the long post, but I know you really love looooong posts :nerd_face:

The build was aimed at a newbie. Your build with Priest and Diev does not matter for any newbie-friendly content and is very limited in its use since it relies on high investment for high performance, especially considering it is only really required for raiding and DCP/res sacrae hard + guild contents.

Not having to worry about attribute points (except for Heal, Guardian Saint and some arts required in that build for top performance) and stats that much since your recovery is flexible (HP recovery-based and Healing-based) allow for better control (there are also healing buffs for auto-match content and balinta set effects that support your healing).

Diev is not required. I have never felt an edge on any content in auto-matching with a diev in my party.
Diev only matters in the big raids, which is endgame content, where I stated that Kabbalist is not as useful and can make place for Priest. Diev can come into the picture once Kabbalist is gone and replace Plague Doctor.

OP wants to play Miko. I simply added it to the build since it has magic damage support synergy with Plague Doctor.

It’s very good for damage given you can spam it. Even my non healing physical Cleric could hit over 1m damage with that.
The SP consumption can be annoying, but it’s not as if you’re spending as many SP on other skills anyway.

All content where Revive matters (raids) has 5 mins CD on Revive. Revenged Sevenfold has a shorter duration, but at least it does ± the same. Also, Merkabah with arts can protect from wipes if your team knows what they are doing.

useless if your healing is low, it also has a high cool down and needs attribute points. Tree of Sephiroth can do the same and has less cool down under Ein Sof.
The vaivora and accessories are a bad joke, unless you have the event-only enchant on your ep 12 gear, a TP package or money, you will not have the vaivora effect, let alone the accessories.
You will gain more benefits from them later, but for now, putting down an endgame build for a newbie is strange.

only matters on very few contents. Most strong monster skills and endgame raids require magic defense boosts instead. And again, requires investment in stats and attribute to really matter.

only matters on endgame content/solo content/PVP content. I have never missed the majority of normal monsters during questing/leveling in dungeons/killing bosses in unique/old legend raids.
Only very few monsters aside of WBR/JSR/Tel Harsha actually require accuracy buffs or evasion debuffs.

you stick together on almost all beginner/auto-matching content.
Also right back at you for suggesting Paladin, another “stick-close-to” support with Barrier and the even smaller Restoration
Having to endure endless stone/freeze/poison/blind debuffs while you could’ve healed/used skills, suffering on an endgame build without the investments needed, what is the point?
You literally have the classes that can replace endgame classes till you have equipment for endgame purposes.

The choice is because you get easy and free healing, self-support, useful attributes and even some skills to quest/solo.

Believe me, I have leveled 3 healers to level 440+ in their respective build, quested the main and side quest for status points and so on. Of all the classes, Kabbalist and Plague Doctor were always the most comfortable. The only real value for Diev were the owls in DCP to draw aggro from the player so you could TU without a problem.
For real raids (moring/glacia normal&hard,giltine) Dievdirbys is really good, but he sucks on everything else because he is a one-trick pony. New players can enjoy the free buffs since they don’t require attribute investment, but that’s about all.

Miko can heal with 2 skills (Hamaya with arts & Gohei on debuffed targets). It’s more akin to putting Pardoner on the build, with specialized buffs and debuffs that can be very potent in certain party compositions (magic users love Sweeping and Kagura).
Given how many Wizards/magic Clerics appear on auto-matching content, it can be plenty useful.

Ein Sof should be kept as a self-buff for the sake of full HP boost and full uptime. High DPS rotations don’t matter on any content that a newbie can clear.

It’s not about wearing random stuff. It’s about “progression”, you start with bad gear but can compromise a bit via cheap attributes and useful skills. Later, you can change classes once you have the fitting equipment (accessories, fully maxed EP 12 savinose dysnai set & glacia legenda set) and enough attribute points for all skills, also once you’ve hit at least lvl 450+ so you can benefit from Turn Undead in DCP runs.

It’s all about feeling the comfort that certain classes offer when you are not geared enough.

The reason is because Priest was the most relevant class since it was the only one with access to Revive (now we have Chronomancer, Appraiser and Kabbalist that can do ± the same), and Resurrection was always useful because death was more common back in the days. Now you can spam crystals to revive easily, with many positive effects lasting beyond death,so it’s not as required anymore, aside of hard endgame content where OP will not participate in right now.

Priest would be far less relevant if Turn Undead was still on Paladin and if the other support classes actually had a useful vaivora weapon. So far Priest is the only support class with access to a support vaivora, Plague Doctor is 100% damage focused.

These are some reaslly good insights thanks again for the tips and help

Welp its all down to you after all :smiley:
Cant argue with that guy coz that guy never run-out of loooong rebuttal on all his post :nerd_face:

Your choice if you wanna go with 99% of the population with orthodox way… or you wanna be a snowflake and test some purely theory-crafted builds because it sound right on paper.
Beside the dude is a 3 healer main whilst im only focusing on 1 healer. He must be legit :nerd_face:
Good luck have fun anyways!


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