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Any good 1H Spear with shield builds?

I’m a returning player who is looking for a class combination incorporating 1h spear and shield combo. I use to play pelt, hop, dragoon way back in the day but I’m sure that’s no longer a viable build. Any suggestions?

Hop-dragoon-retiarius is imo the standard 1-H spear build.

my current build is Hop>Barb>High
u can go with Hop>Barb>Pelt if u want.
i wanted to go Hop>Barb>Reta but guildies said its more PvP oriented. especially pelt>rodel>reta

I main your old build and it works. It won’t impress anyone but it will get you through most things. The problem with The build atm is how bad Dragoon is and Hoplite’s hitboxes.

There are just better 1h options

I’m playing as Hop/Barb/Pelt and I consider it the most balanced build, that isn’t particularly great at anything. Well maybe bossing. If you want to do CMs, then drop Pelt for Doppel. If you want to AOE grind, then drop Hop for Doppel. If you want to only focus on bossing, then drop pelt for Lancer/Goon.

lancer skills needs to be mounted right?

All of them but Prevent.

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