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Any class change events going on right now?

I can’t seem to find any info on whether or not there’s a class change voucher event or exchange going on right now. I accidentally screwed up my build with the Welcome Back class change voucher I got, and now I need 1000 Class Change points to fix my final advancement.

just grab weekend burning buff today go to et+velco and you will get 625 class change point.
enter tbl and you ll get 250

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What if Im a new player? Only level 370, I dont know if I could do that content yet.

press F10 to check wheter you meet min lv requirement to enter velco dungeon, you can join someone ET/velco random shouted party, hey are very easy for them right now

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Thanks for the replies everyone! I got the class points I needed :slight_smile:

For anyone new reading this like me, I just found out you can get a few free class change vouchers from finishing Episodes 3, 5, 7-3, and 9-2 in the story by pressing F5 and clicking the little treasure chests and hitting recieve.