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Any chance of Mounted classes for every class trees?

I mean, well, IMC kinda dropping us with variety of cool mounts…but only selected classes from swordsman and scout tree are able to fully utilize riding.

It sound presumptuous to suggest that all class should have riding attribute…so lets just make it selected class from all class trees like examples below:


  • Hunter - beast tamer class so it kinda fits the theme
  • QS - like old times SR-QS build…would work the same as SR, both pewpew build
  • Piper - well, i want to see a piper riding a hamster while small hamsters are following lol


  • Paladin - paladin is technically a knight, so kinda fits the theme
  • Diev - coz it would be hard to carry all those woods by yourself lol
  • All main healer class - like an ambulance lol


  • Summoners - also fits the theme

ALSO shop classes, since it would fit the “merchant traveler” theme.

There’s actually a meaningful difference between “mounts” and “companions”.

You summon mounts purely to ride them and they’re nerfed outside of Bounty Hunt. Companions can follow you around, fight alongside you and level up. They also boost your stats. The riding attribute you mentioned only lets you use skills while riding companions, so the cool new creatures you’re seeing don’t actually let anyone use class abilities. The toy horse is the only known exception so far, because when you get it you can (iirc) choose between getting it as a mount or as a companion. I hope someone will correct me if I’m wrong.

That said, I agree overall but I’m not sure it would fit most of these classes. Paladins maybe, but it doesn’t make much sense for the rest to have mastered fighting on horseback / while mounted. They can already ride mounts and there are premium companions they can ride, too, so it’s not like they don’t get to ride at all. I do like the idea but I can see why we don’t have this.

In cleric there used to be plan of shepherd a class, a healer that basically needs of a mount to heal which possibly makes it a mounting class

As for scout there is stolen sr. Rangda lion being unmountable is also such waste. They could even probably make money by making the rangda lion buyable via shop without the sh*ty lootbox method like old time premium penguins.

As for archer, refrain to the stolen class I mention above, this where it was from.hunter mount move to mob to hit because it’s melee and if you ride it you basically being melee. Unless they made some range attack pet specially for hunter which again, they could’ve racked some money without the lootbox garbo, this could be nice so hunter stick being range. Though best could be qs which reminisce sr without the pistol.

For wiz summoner basically already rides, they could’ve make the salamion rideable all the time and makes it shoot fireball instead melee. or probably make necromancer having it’s own bone themed mount that can make some necro skill castable while mounting. Maybe not yet, maybe never

Swordman, yeah, you know…

The thing is “illusionary” mounting class is based on mount-able skills. Even a priest can be a “mount class” if it can heal and cast skills while mounting. So the core is the skills. They sorta want to tackle build rigidity in some mount locked class and changed skills that used to be mount only to be no mount is ok, and vice versa. So with this being their direction I don’t think making a mount locked class will be their option.

Idk why I still talk sophisticatedly about where this game could go or should go when every good decision took years to be executed and every bad decisions to me is like have no break at all