Tree of Savior

Any advice for skills Phyromancer C3?


Hello Everyone, i’m new in ToS and i wanted a advice of a experienced player regard wich skill should i go with my Phyro C3, i’m also a Thaumaturge C2 (and i intend to go C3) for maximun demage of my Phyro Skills, and also i’m in doubt between Sage, Featherfoot and Necromancer, wich one is better for my build ??

PS: I like both PvE and PvP, and i wanted my build be hibrid


If I were to be honest, for now I think Warlock C3 would be better. Granted when Re:Build comes (since you are new you probably aren’t familiar but they are revamping the class system) you would need to change your build again but for now damage wise Warlock C3 would be your best bet. This my just my opinion because Warlock is really strong now.


Featherfoot is a nice class too. Ngadhundi and Kundela Slash has a really low cooldown plus you can use blood sucking after dropping your fire pillar for healing in most cases. Enervation can also amplify your damage for a number of times.

Sage is also a great class especially after you get the after effects attributes of Micro and Ultimate Dimension. Dimension Compression hits like a train when you use it on a single monster. Missile Hole is a gift for us squishy wizards.


what i realized is that Featherfoot is more worth to those prefer PvE content, that’s my case actually, i choose Featherfoot for this reason


Well i see lots of people playing with Warlock/Elementalist build i wanted to make something diferente, that’s why i choose Featherfoot even without all that DPS of Warlock