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Another way to unlock miko?

hello, someone can tell me.
can i unlock miko with another way than voucher in popo shop or market?

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Yes, there is a quest for it.


Thank you so much ^^

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How to go Pelke Shrine Ruins at 2021?

Miko quest is no longer in Pelke Shrine.

do u have MIKO Classes Unlock Guide 2021?

the link from Hmmm has the guide for that, you just need to do the Pelke Shrine Ruins part in Laukyme Swamp instead, the rest should be the same.

There are currently no updated guides about this area and I have no idea where to wait for the spirit. Does anybody know where the spirit spawns on Laukyme Swamp for the Miko unlock quest

Hello hello.
I dug around a bit on and i believe this is the location.

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