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Another idea about rework Dragoon Helmet

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I want to propose to rework Dragoon Helmet skill because i think that the current attribute “Dragoon Helmet: Light Weight” is useless (i think that nobody use it).

I want to propose to make the main skill “Dragoon Helmet” be like the “Dragoon Helmet: Light Weight” appearance changing the effect to +25% damage using spears plus +6 AoE attack ratio instead of +50% damage using spears plus the movement speed -5, and make it has an attribute to make it has the visual effect of the currect “Dragoon Helmet” skill with the current main effect of the skill that i said (+50% damage using spears and -5 movement speed).

So it would be:
Dragoon Helmet skill (with the appearance of the current “Dragoon Helmet: Light Weight”):
+25% damage using spears
+6 AoE attack ratio
Dragoon Helmet attribute (with the appearance of the current “Dragoon Helmet” skill):
+50% damage using spears
-5 movement speed

This would make both kind of helmets usefull, making one be more usefull against groups of monsters and the other one better vs bosses.

I hope you like the idea!! :satisfaction:

Cheers :haha:


why not change the effect entirely:
lightweight helmet gives Cool down reduction of 25% when using spear skills with a one hand spear, while normal helmet gives the +50% damage when using spear skills with a two hand spear?

That way Dragoon can find his way into builds with Retiarius or Rodelero easily.