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Another completely lost Gemstone Feud

Can you expand Miner’s Village and Gemstone Feud map server capacity, pretty please? Servers cannot handle the current amount of players in those maps during the Feud times. Once again it crashed and a lot of people just couldn’t get any reward. Please IMC… don’t wait for the servers to empty once again… As soon as you’re back from your holidays, please address this issue as soon as possible (and the Enhancement/Transcedence event return as well, along with the items people lost that weren’t returned yet)


The less populated Fedimian server also experiences this problem. With 100 or so people in Feud each time, you need at least to increase the number of channels inside from 3 to 5. I’m sure it’s worse everywhere else.

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Yesterday the entrance closed before I could enter because of all the crashes
I guess they will move the entrance to klaip/orsh/fed, until then I don’t think I will be going to gemstone feud, it’s stressing me out.

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I think that’s probably the best solution as for now. More channels in Miner’s Village would allow people to actually enter the Feud without endless crashings (to the point that the channels are kept closed for a couple of minutes, sometimes enough to burn an entry…). More channels in the Feud would be the best though. When we have situations like 30v30 it’s almost certainly the map will crash sooner or later, it’s kinda frustrating…

My problem with that is if Klaipeda crashes because of this it will not only affect the Gemstone players but a lot of other people as well. Maybe Fedi would be a good choice but I wouldn’t risk Klaipeda to avoid problematic situations for more people…

To add contribution to the topic:

In Silute we are having the same situation. Only yesterday i could play a gemstone from start to finish. In other days i was disconnected half-match and lost all the time spent there.

Also, minner’s village channels starts to crash right before the gemstone feud, making the act of simple entering the gemstone a torment.

Please: try to enhance the servers of gemstone feuds so we don’t have crazy disconnects all the time. Also, move the entrance of gemstone feud to the cities. This would help a lot with the crashing issues.

They did that on kToS and reverted because it was crashing cities non-stop. Putting the entrance on a low populated map is better, they just need to increase the amount of channels in both Miner Village and Lawless Area.

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They should just fix the channels crash bug, it has been there since forever and they never bothered to fix it.
Band aids solutions solve nothing.

I didn’t know about it. Yes, something must be done. 2 channels only for minners Village is proving itself insuficient.