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Announce the Location of the SA Server

In regards of the new SA server, I’m wondering where will it be located.

As you know, south america is a HUGE portion of the American Continent, it is long and known to have terrible routing… In such regard, location is a concern for SA players, such as they originally were for SEA/OCE/EU players before Fedimian an Telsiai were opened.

My main concern is the ping I might get, since I’m from Northern México, which would actually seem closer to US servers… this will help me take a decision on wether to migrate to SA or stay in Klaipeda, I care about the TP pricing as well, both of these bits of info will let me decide wether to stay in klaipeda with my main account or move on to the new SA Server.

I don’t want to regret it…

I bet you will have better ping to the current Klai/Orsha servers, but well, they promised to announce the server location soon and before the end of server transfers.

While that is correct, I might consider a transfer, because most of my gaming fellows are from central america, plus better pricing… so I might sacrifice some ping for better TP pricing and playing with my long-known friends.