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Alt Account Penalty

Question on Alt account,

I have 1 alt account but i havent touched it again since they said the VVR drop will reduce if 2 accounts are used to the same IP address.

Is there anyway I can open it without worrying to have this penalty?

Is this really necessary?

you only get the penalty if they are in same party.

I got an VV, we using two accs. But we r not using them at the same time.

No idea about the penalty, but fact is: zero multiplied by something still equals zero. Never got a Vaivora from content in a year and I’m using a single account. If you’re using two accounts for anything else than just hunting VV, it’s probably worth using them both.

it says 3 or more

Just read “–> Item acquisition chance” again and then rethink your post…

I’m pointing out on 3 or more -> gets penalty. The OP says he’s using 1 more alt only.

you still get the same silver/items per cm running 2 accounts on the same IP.

I suggest you…