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Already send ticket for 3 Event in a row

Well imc, can you play your game if it’s possible ? or change the description “within”
It’s just mathematics : 420 - 30 = ?

Patch notes write within 30 lvls of mob, not map. Maybe the mobs u kill are all 380+


Example of answer.

Still not work it. Don’t tell me about drop rate for this event. Can we have an explanation ?_?

did u try challenge mode in that map? it must drop rare like xmas key or planium…

It’s hunting ground 390. You can’t drop planium <400. And you can’t challenge map on hunting ground map. But i really can’t understand why they say “within 30 level” + Hunting ground map, and every farming event it’s not drop at all. I spend all time in this map, i prefer this hunting ground than baubas. But what the heck they don’t apply what they say >.>

oh sorry, its HG, didnt notice that… it will drop just very rare probably… within 30 level means your current level+ or - 30 level range.

if your lv 390 u can drop between 360 and 420 maps.
if ur max. then by logic it must drop at lv 390 map… but since its exactly at 30 limit, 420-30 not sure they count till 30 or upto 30,
better change to higher level map and see how quickly u drop first…

I bet it’s simply “< 30” instead of “<= 30” so you need level 391 mobs at level 420.

No, nobody never got any coin from Irredian, so it’s clear the drop rate is zero there at max level.

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It should be more simple if the second HG can be drop too.

But yeah the formula is this one. So it’s better to mark 29 lvl instead 30 lvl. Or if it’s possible to modify for “<=” to get better experience of this game (More simple for farmer). Because we can’t block our xp at 419 to profit farm…


That mean they are intention not let you to do the lvl 380 HG.

380 (Baubas) i understand. 390 not (Irredian). But now in Unicode within it’s “<”, So that’s solve my problem with “within”

390, my bad.

It was always “<” from the original.

That why mobs always have level like 288, 388. When boss have the same lvl at the map.

A “=” may be seen like it nothing, but for a program it a lot. You count 2 time for 1 single code, and with a large data like this game, it a matter.

Not only this game but it very rare to see “=<” and “>=” unless it really important code.