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Allow us to change our advancement quest after the initial choice

When you initally pick an advancement quest in the advancement window thing you are locked in permanently to that class even before you talk to the job change quest NPC. Even if you abandon the quest and try talking to another available job class npc you are forced to only be able to pick that same quest again. Can we get the option to change our pick in case we mistakenly click the wrong class to teleport to in the advancement page?


+1 for this. It might be possible to abandon the job change quest NPC, as it’s possible with other quests in the game.

This actually just happened to me.
Hopefully this can be addressed. >_<

The same thing happened to me!! I clicked Hunter instead of Ranger cause i misread :frowning:
42 lvls up for the wrong class… I’m so mad right now :’(

I hope they change this.

I’m not sure why this would be an issue as you have to finalize your class selection. It even has a pop-up that asks you if you’re sure it’s the right class.

Maybe it should ask for verification multiple times?

Are you sure you want to choose this class?
Are you REALLY sure?
Really sure?
CAPTCHA check.
Still want this class?
SMS the name of the class to want to be to 5476251
Enter verification code on website to generate email.
Enter code from email into game window along with the class you are choosing to be.
Generate a ticket and wait for a GM to assist you and make sure you are choosing the correct class.

Enjoy your new class!


@cardsaintrudder I won’t deny that it’s my own fault because I misread it but there’s no way to change it once you pick the class.

@shadowstabba Maybe not to that extent but it would be nice if there was a way to abandon the quest if you accidentally pick the wrong class advancement. I’m level 42 at the moment and I’d rather not have to delete my character and remake it just to get back to where I am now to fix my mistake.

The game was intuitive enough for me to just skip the initial steps because it was all clichê until it locked me onto a class… Please, just let us abaddon advancement quests or just don’t makes us choose on the screen, only at the master of choice.

This topic needs to come back becuz I just picked a wrong advancement class at lvl 80. With all the premium items on it…Please IMC, help us poor souls

Pss, IMC, there’s good money to be made here…

cough class resets in cash shop cough

o.o damnit ! i just did it again for my rank 8 :frowning: .

seriously thats a big issue there .