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Allow Popolion plus pack benefits to be transferable, or account wide

As a player with 17 character slots, and who makes and deletes characters with a frightening regularity, I was doing a bit of thinking on what character I wanted to make next, and was preparing to delete an older one to make space to create a new one.

That was until I went to talk to the person in my party and noticed this character has the popolion plus emote pack. This means I can either delete the character and lose that, attempt to salvage a character that was designed as a test build for things, buy a rank reset, or just bite the bullet and buy yet another character slot.

Given I regularly play and mess around with 4-5 characters on a daily basis, it is extremely frustrating to know that I can’t use those emotes on anyone I haven’t bought it for. I am not a “this is my main” type player, so I never know who I should give “character only” benefits to.

Just a thought, but now I’m literally stuck with a character I have no intention to use with a premium perk that makes me feel trapped.