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All these Years you did

All these years you made us guinea pigs for this you, never wanted to improve the pc version so the pc version is dying little by little. Very sad to see you like this would be a great game in the right company


gg it way better than pc

Why that chibi guide reminds me of that 3D MMO now turned chibi in tos mobile XD

I am too old to understand the appeal of mobile gaming.


Even though this one is looking quite attractive, I can already tell itโ€™s another generic copy&paste mobile โ€œMMOโ€ except that itโ€™s ToS themed.

same :tired:
especially that auto attacking feature really puts me off every fkng mobile mmorpg. what the heck am i supposed to do? it doesnt feel like gaming at all, its like just watching a walkthrough of the game.

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It looks beautiful, but itโ€™s clearly not for me. Just seeing it gives me the impression thatโ€™s going to be a single-player (with โ€œmultiplayerโ€ elements) gacha with little interaction with other players, and thatโ€™s not for me.

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