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ALCHEMISTH - Most overlooked of all time. 2018-today

Escrevo este tópico ja sabendo que nunca será lido, sobre como diz o titulo da classe mais esquecida de todos os tempos, -squire hoje nao-, Alquimista.
Novas classes sao adicionadas, reworks sao apresentados, buffs e nerfs, mas o Alchemisth nada, nenhuma novidade.
Faço um apelo a IMC para que pelo menos atualizar o dps na classe.

I write this topic already knowing that it will never be read, as the title says, of the most forgotten class of all time, -squire not today-, Alchemist.
New classes are added, reworks are presented, buffs and nerfs, but Alchemist is nothing, nothing new.
I appeal to IMC to at least upgrade the dps in the class.

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True. This type of class i had so much fun in other games. Summoning Homunculi telling them to do stuff, tossing destructive concoctions at enemies and restorative ones at allies, manipulation of the elements, enchanting your ally’s weapon with poisons and ■■■■.

In ToS it’s simply a stamina potion maker so your main can save ■■■■■■■ moni

Make Alchemist great xD

Come back in another 3 years with lowest expectation.


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