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Alchemist material farming and Sage portal shop

Hi I’m making an Alchemist-Sage-Sorc for potions and portals.

  1. Where are good locations for farming Alchemist materials such as Dilgele, Uosis, etc?

  2. It says that I need to learn “Portal” skill in order to learn “Portal Shop” skill. Do I need to max “Portal” skill to level 15 in order to make “Portal Shop” efficient?

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  1. Dilgele drops on a lot of places: Mali in Gele Plateau, orange trees in Shaton Farm, orange dandel in Genar Field… best place is probably Kvailas Forest (lots of Matsum). For Uosis, the best area is Nahash Forest, all the blue Spions drop it.

  2. Portal is a one point skill. You can save up to six portals with the corresponding attributes. Leveling it to 15 only reduces the cooldown of the portal if you use it directly (from 30 mins to 15 mins) instead of using your shop. Waste of points.