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Alchemist & Chronomancer

Greetings ladies, gentlemen and whatever you identify yourselves as.

Today i inquire IMC about these once beloved but now forgotten classes in wizard tree :shamrock:

Alchemist is a yellow icon class, stands for money making and shops.

Sike, alchemist is so poor and forgotten he weeps in dark corners in 90 feet deep pacific ocean begging for a piece of bread to malnourish his veins depleted in this living dead state he is in. Holy :poop:

Once had homunculus via alchemist stone a great riddle of a skill called magnum opus. A magnificent sight. It was horrible in practice but with proper buffs it has so much potentional or it had. His skills doesn’t do any damage and if we could equip color gems without roasting no one would care. Awakening is dead. You can power level to 440 in a week or less and never hear about that exists.
Potions? :eggplant:
Only potion that matters is recovery potions and condensed potions which is only relevant before 440.
Movement speed potion is fine-ish
I don’t even want to talk about damage potions, they grant less damage than an unequipped player.

Chronomancer played with time and moved to his own death now in depression because who wants to see that

Cooldowns of his skills are too long even though the function isn’t that good. Reincarnate is only used for reviving allies since drops are global in late game areas and since you can farm “old” areas so fast reincarnating mobs doesn’t really do anything. Not to mention it only reincarnates a single mob WITH A 120 SECOND COOLDOWN HOLY :poop:
Slow itself is terrible because mobs are either stun locked by random stuff that doesn’t supposed to stun them (blind from effigy, fire pillar etc etc) If anyone uses slow, its to steal ms from mobs which is capped at 15 and not permanent/long duration either while plague doctor can do this without maximizing the skill attribute
Quick cast reduces casting time. Oh, look. We almost don’t have any long casting time spell left and if there is; “wizard : haste” wants to have a word with it. It’s only worth if you have the vaivora for damage boost. I’m also aware you get to use aoe attribute instead of haste but with the amount of aoe most wizard classes that has casting time it doesn’t really matter unless you are a maniac speed running for 3 piece of order drop from prison before going to prison in real life with 3 hours of sleep.
Backmasking resets magic circles duration which is A M A Z I N G. sigh with a 2 minutes cd

Please i beg you imc. Stop reworking spiritual suicide bomber aka sadhu. Show some love to alchemist and chronomancer

They are about to uninstall themselves from game

Yeah, iirc Chrono used to have Atk Spd and Move Spd buffs as well - which were taken to rework Thaumaturge and Enchanter it seems.
Chrono would benefit from any of the following ideas:

  • Change Backmasking to a party buff that gives extra duration on magic circles and installation skills, lasting 60 sec.

  • Sustainment: New skill that adds time to all buffs on party members at time of usage.

  • Divergence: New skill that doubles the target’s next attack skill used.

  • Time Loop: New magic circle skill that records all damage dealt to targets in area for a set duration and then replicates it at the end of the recording time.

  • Replay: New skill that allows last recorded Time Loop to be cast. ( So they finally have some attack potential) 5 min CD so not too OP

  • Restoration: Removes last damage value incurred to party member. Arts changes to full party with increased SP cost, change to 1 Overheat.

  • Precognition: Self only buff that negates the next attack received.

    As far as Alchemist is concerned, yeah they really need Homunculus to get sorted out. Awakening and Roasting could really just be functions of the Alchemist Master NPC. It would be a better use of a shop skill to have Item Transmutation, where you could change an item from a designated list to another item from that group. These would be useful items like crafting materials, Blessed Gems, Magic Stones, etc. Changes at 1:1 ratio, but you can specify quantity - you can change 100 of an item at once that will all become the same new item.

Well Chrono is somewhat useful specially in PvP. I also don’t mind having a chrono in a raid party as a dps-support. And it got better now since they remove the item requirements on the skill(time crystals).
I think there is a future rework for chrono with some skill revamp and will be having damage skills but that was long ago and i think they botched it since no news about it now lol.

But for Alchemist, its just plain useless.

This was dropped when they cancelled the common class system. Chronomancer was supposed to be turned into one of those classes that every base class could pick and was reworked with that in mind. Thats why it got reverted.