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Aiming shot bugged/inconsistent

Date and Time(Please, specify the timezone) : 8/30/2019, 10 PM EST

Server Name: Klaipeda

Team Name: Edoweiss

Character Name: Kyrie

Bug Description : Aiming shot is all sorts of wonky right now. It’s not removing buffs from players in a way that makes sense. For one thing, fully charging no longer guarantees that 3 buffs are removed. A few weeks ago a fully charged aiming shot would remove 3 buffs. If this were a ninja nerf that wasn’t documented in the patch notes, the skill description is now misleading. However, the combat text isn’t even consistent with what is happening in game! The game can say “removed 2 buffs” but only remove one or maybe none.

Steps to reproduce the issue :
Fully charge aiming shot and hit a player. Perhaps it has to be a wizard with genbu?

Screenshots / Video :

The description is the culprit here. The KR description reads that charging the shot increases the chance that more buffs are removed. Ultimately, there’s always only a chance that buffs are removed. Charging will improve that chance, but it’s never guaranteed.

The combat text that pops up may be bugged if it says that it has removed more buffs than it actually did, though.

It’s removing less buffs than the combat text says. Either way, the actual effect and the text are not consistent with each other.

Ye, bring back Aiming Shot la

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