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After the update my account is missing equipment and silver

Upon logging into my account after the upgrade (BRT 12:30), I find that 480,000,000 silver was taken from equipment team storage and also my +21 trinket is not there. It is impossible for a theft to have occurred due to account protection (Steamguard). I’m sure this could be the result of an update failure.

Help I need to know what happened ???


You probably got Hacked.
If its some kind of bug, i think you won’t see a withdrawal record on your transaction - You’ll just notice something is missing.
It has been recorded so that means you yourself(or person using your account) did it.

I could be wrong tho… but it doesn’t make sense for a bug to make a withdrawal record and also take probably only the most valuable item in your storage.

Apparently I was sanctioned for illegal trade. This caused the system to recognize suspicious purchases in my account. It happens that I try to transfer silver from one of my accounts to the main one. I am currently trying to solve this misunderstanding with some GM.

That in theory is illegal, it will be hard to justify yourself to the GM team…

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That’s already happen with me, I lost 180kk and the IMC said tha can’t help