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AFK players in multiple lvl 300 dungeon runs

  • Reason for report : 2 Players being afk through multiple dungeon runs

  • Server : Klaipeda

  • Team Name : (RaQAttacK) and (2017)

  • Location : Castle Dungeon

  • Approximate date / time (EDT) : May 20th / 7:20pm

  • Evidence

I also have a video of the whole incident if needed.

The two players in question both joined and stayed afk the whole time for two runs.
I gave them both the benefit of the doubt the first run, but lost patience after the second. This is an increasing occurrence that is really starting to become a problem.

Hi @oldenthereaper,

We will look into these players activity. Thank you.


Regardless of the outcome of these cases, it’s good to know we’re being heard.
Thank you for your time, and effort.