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Afk in Salus + offensive language

  • Reason for report : 3 times AFK in Salus and insults me when I say he is AFK

  • Server : Silute

  • Team Name : Mvp-Gaudy

  • Location : Salus Dungeon

  • Approximate date / time (EDT) : Dic 04 2018

  • Evidence
    This player insults me (in spanish from Chile, is hard to translate in english) when I say them is AFK in the salus dungeons 3 times before.


Stop to be so soft boy. Its just a casual player discuss. I dont see a need from ban on this. Just get off from Salus and let him alone there.

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Everyone in the server is avoiding automatch because of said guy, not only he is afk inside, he also make people wait for a full party to be made in the matching process, sometimes making people wait 10 or more minutes for a single Saalus run where people could do in less than that by using the “Match 2 to 4 Players” option.

Yes, people can do it solo, some do, but sometimes you have a character that is unable to solo quickly or at all and need to go through this hell. He alone is causing this whenever he is online with who knows how many characters he intends to annoy everyone’s day.

He also plagues the instanced dungeons as well. I’ve been insulted when calling him out to others because he was afk, just to pretend he was not.

A feature of the game is being avoided because one player decides to troll and abuse the server, not just once, but every day, repeatedly. So I do not understand why you are defending these afk leeches.


I had to kick that guy out of my clan, he mentioned that he was going to keep doing it because they will not ban him xDD

Edit: He has a friend Joniland is a AFK too

Edit 2: He mentioned (Sorry xD)


Hello Saviors,

We will investigate the reported player.
Thank you.

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Can’t you simply make a party and shout for Saalus? I’ve never seen anyone use Automatch for Saalus on Fedimian…

I can just solo Salus with all my chars but that’s not the point.

@GM_Francis thanks

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