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Advices about Druid build in 2022

wanna play as magic dps Cleric - Druid+PD+Sadhu.
can someone explain me which skills and related attributes I should learn?
how important Lycantrope is?

I never tried Lycanthropy skills (apart from the base skill), so in my Druid build I’m simply maxing everything else: Carnivory, Chortasmata, Lycanthropy and Thorn. Leaves 4 points for Seed Bomb, which is garbage… but you have nothing else to spend these points if you don’t use Shape Shifting or Transform.

Then you max all related skills: all the Enhance, Thorn: Bleeding and Lycanthropy: Human Form. You actually don’t use the Lycanthropy: Human Form but get the [Arts] Lycanthropy: Wolf’s Spirit for the constant buff (you get +7% damage increase for 30 minutes – unless you want to recast every 10 seconds for +21% damage increase).

Druid is kinda underwhelming atm since you only have three useful skills. I guess it’s still good in a healer build with [Arts] Chortasmata: Healing Garden…

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You don’t main druid. It’s implicit declaration from imc. Wait til it has its own vv and get their damage skills self sufficient. It’s red but feels more like a green and it’s always been like that for ages.

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