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Advice for advancement

Made a new character recently and about to advance to my third job choice. My current build is Peltesta and Matador. I play with some friends and I’m technically the masochist tank of the group. What recommended job do I take next?

If u Take Matador… then u must Take Fencer for Rapier…

If you take Fencer then you might as well swap Peltasta too, because Fencer’s main skill, Epee Garde, nullifies the DEF of your shield

Since you went Matador, your only options would be Barbarian, Highlander, Fencer, Rodelero or Murmillo, if you want to keep the tankiness of Pelt then i would rule out Fencer, but do keep in mind, Fencer - Matador is the best option for DPS if you want to go with rapier, again that would make Pelt pretty useless

Barb is always a great choice for PvE, decent skills, amazing buffs, mainly a DPS class tho

Highlander is ok too, but it might be a little bit overwhelming in terms of skill rotation when paired with Matador, again, mainly DPS

Rodelero and Murmillo are kinda weird, they’re shield based classes but not exactly tank classes nor DPS either, from my understanding Rodelero is focused a little bit more on CC
I have very little experience with Murmillo so i cant really comment on it :Y

My recommendation would be; you can never go wrong with Barb on any PvE Swordie, so if you want to keep Pelt, go for Barb, however, if you are ok with ditching the tank role, i would go Fencer - Matador - Barb, assuming you want to keep the rapier class

Good luck fren!