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Adrenaline guild's Feedback

Team Name: Vau

Character Name: Vau

Class Build: Swordman 1 - Highlander 2 - Barbarian 3 - Doppelsoeldner 3

CPU: AMD Athlon(tm) II X4 640 Processor

RAM: 10 GB

Graphics Card: AMD Radeon R7 200 series

OS: Windows 7 

Internet Connection Speed: 25Mbps

First Problem: Lag/FPS drop Bottleneck

You can’t put 300+ players to fight each other on the smallest possible map ( I know, there’s smaller maps). The lag bottleneck from Steel Heights and Nheto Forest was unbearable.

Possible Solutions:

1- Create a BIG map for Territory wars with 5+ entrances to actually promote GvG and not spawn camping fest, cause that’s was most guilds had to face except a couple guilds that managed to recall to a less laggy spot.

2- Switch maps. Literally Inner Wall district 8 has this bottleneck that not only causes several FPS drop but promotes spawn camping.

3- Increase the number of Territory maps. I initially thought were were going to have Genar Field + Inner Wall district 8 + Galeed Plateau maps to diminish the amount of players on a single map and therefore this obnoxious lag fest we had and was foreseen that it would happen.

4- Like i posted on the other thread. Limit the amount of guildies (Standard) allowed to enter PER GUILD on a single territory map. That, combined with more territory maps will promote more “even” fights taking in consideration non-official alliances and what not.

Second Problem: Respawn after death for both attacking guilds and defending guild.

Respawning in Fedimian, are you kidding me? This is a huge issue, causing guilds to lose a ton of GvG potential if they take 2-5 minutes to get back to fight. Squire’s camp is not a solution.

Possible Solutions:

1-Make players respawn on the closest map of the guild leader’s position. This promotes “grouping up” for a quick come back.

2- Add a warp on every entrance so players can get back to the territory map as quick as possible and group up as a guild.

3- If your guild won the ownership of the territory tower, add a “warp” in the middle of the tower so the defending guild can get back to defend quickly. This said warp can only be used by the guild with more score points.

4- Similar to RO2’s Prontera WoE. 1 NPC, that lets you choose which entrance you would like to enter. Example with Inner wall district 8 :

  • Taniel’s entrance
  • City Wall district 8 entrance
  • Nheto Forest entrance
  • Inner Wall district 9 entrance
  • Steel Heights entrance

Third Problem : Green safety zone. There’s several issue with this “safety zone”. While using dispellers/Miko dispellers, if players cast Crowd Control skills on it, they will consume all your dispellers/Miko dispellers or Oracle’s Prophecy charges inside of it. Second, The safety range is not clear on entrances like Nheto Forest due to stairs causing a graphic glitch. You can cast AoE/CC skills like Storm dust/Raise/ to the non safety zone while you’re inside of this safe area, this is a huge issue causing players to be spawn camped and not being able to get out alive or getting permanent cc’d.

Possible Solutions:

1- Add invulnerability to CC and damage that lasts 10 seconds after you get ouside the green safety circle. As soon as the person attacks, loses their immunity.

2- Change the location of the safety zone on places that cause lag bottleneck ( corridors, stairs etc) and spawn camp issues.
3- Fix dispellers and status ailment immunity skills like Prophecy from being consumed while inside the safe zone.

Fourth Problem: FPS drop, this opinion can vary from person to person cause we all have different computers, but let’s be real. Territory wars is not ready to be implemented with the attendance we had today.
Probably the defending guild didn’t have this problem, but most other guilds had, and it caused alot of Rage and disappointment within the server. Skills taking 1 second or more to be casted is a huge problem in a PvP/GvG Scenario and it’s super frustrating not to be able to play properly.