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Additional Damage

Hi guys, just have a question in regards to the additional damage stat. Is it really only a flat damage or does it work as a multiplier in any kind of way? What would be the best way to maximize the additional damage stat potential? One other question I have. Does the additional damage stat increase all damage lines on basic attack or only the initial?

Additional damage is indeed flat damage.
The only “modifier” would be something like karaliene/luciferie pridetti or echo vaivora sword. And this combined with a fast basic attacking build like SchwarzerReiter-Rangda-Enchanter is very focused on maximising this, while Chaplain can make use of it to enhance their binatio with Sacred Armor vaivora.
Additional damage is added seperately to every line of your attack, unless its a “fake multihit” as some call it, where the skill is functionally a single hit, but shows as multiple.

One more question my friend. For pridetti the hit count for the increase additional damage is based off the initial hit or does initial hits count?

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