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Adding Ingame chat moderator

Everyone noticed that lastelly, we been raided by some bots spamming for RTMing.
Since most of the current GM from the game only log in for certain special events or ocurrences, why not to lend this responsability to users? as same players control the Support Guild, there can be ingame mods who can take direct action with this kind of problems ingame, or report them directly to a GM

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right click - report bot - right click - block player

free real estate in lost ark, this bot so dumb

That specific bot has been shouting for a while already. Funny thing is he even kept shouting during the GM meetup event, where multiple people pointed it out to GM Lemon, yet the bot was not banned. :tired:

So it looks like even having an online GM can get a spam bot banned anymore


You working on complex solution when blocking this one and only guy will fix the issue
It’s not like the game have plenty of em now anyway
His existence in this dead game is pretty much rare
He is either dumb, wasting his time or just feel the ominous fate the game will face soon so he try to sell his assets for some penny

Sometime hes the only one to make the chat alive
The other day i login for an hour his shout is the only chat I see lol
At least he participate making the game not feel so dead
Probably something tos support guild members should do by making shout alive, doing some fabricated shout to praise the game, imc, Kim or just some quality random chat so the game feel alive

I was guessing people using party maker system so party shouting isn’t a thing anymore but I see no one give a damn with that feature lol

this forum doesnt even have mod to monitor posts and instead rely on childish flagger whiteknights
99% post are ignored, and the random chosen one replied with autoreply response saying thanks, sorry or ask you to make ticket

how could you expect in game chat mod which is even more glamour feature lol

did you know how rare gm descended for event with gm?
even mmos that making more money doesnt even have in game chat mod

couple hours ago i login for like an hour+ to check out keraunos electromancer but nobody shouting
Its been hours after gtw, but still, its freakin sunday
and i see this guy is the only one who makes use of shout lol

i dont even bother block him cause i wonder will he be there when i login for an hour just to check lama in couple months lol
he might use different account when i login recently, but for being the only one shouting, its such an irony to call him spammer in a dead shout lmao

You might as well just turn off shout or like many mention above blocking is much more efficient than your idea of hoping tos to improve
tos is indie game, dont hope too much

also its funny to see how long this dude will last actually
obviously i wouldve rather waste my electricity bill and internet to sell stuffs in game that is more alive.
he clearly just some desperate seller which i believe he realized himself that its somewhat too late to gain back whatever he wasted in game lol

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