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Adding an icon on the buff bar for 'carve owl'

There are skills/builds in the game that would greatly benefit from having an icon on the second buff bar showing the time left on the skill or installation as well as how many are up. Something similar to the way Pied Piper have an icon on the buff bar for the number of hamsters they have up.

I play a diev3 build and having to just blindly press my ‘carve owl’ skill every time it’s up to see if I have maximum amount of owls up during a CM is obnoxious to say the least.

It would be nice to see the time left on the installations as well, but that might make it too crowded.

Anyways, it would be great if the devs would consider adding a feature like what Pied Pipers have for Dievs. :slight_smile:

Answer :

Summoncounter addon

Muteki2 addon

Edit : sadly , there’s no love for dievs and even addons can’t help them. There’s a counter for most summons in game except diev owl

awe so neither of these addons work for dievs?

no love indeed ;o;

It doesn’t even work well for zombies, if you nuke them with Damballa and they respawn, the number gets buggy and from then on you won’t be shown the right amount of zombies.

The addon is simply bad for Clerics, only useful for Sorcerer and Necromancer who have fixed summon counts on skill use (so the addon just has to subtract the number and not add & subtract for every change, it doesn’t seem good enough with handling fluency )