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Add Treasure Chests (Collections) to new maps

One of my favorites parts of Tree of Savior is exploring the maps to find the hidden treasure chests in them that contain a collection and then hunt for the material to complete the collection. It seems that Episode 10-12 maps no longer have these. It would be great to see more collections like this added.

Right now there isn’t much reason to even play in the open world or explore it.

If you done all 3 Royal Mausoleum collections, you will unlock collection in new map.

Joke joke… but i think it’s not a bad idea.

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Unfortunately the new maps don’t drop mats anymore. But I guess the collections stopped at Mishekan (episode 9?), so they could add some for the maps up to episode 11.

Also good luck completing collections from the Content Point shop… I don’t see a way to get 63k points when the best way to get points is from TBL matches and nobody ever queues TBL anymore… (CM stage 5 gives only 5 points – didn’t check stage 7 yet – and other sources are limited by weekly entries).

You can earn 300M by grinding CM and then buy materials to convert them into content points.

But yeah those new collection just don’t cut it. The great thing about collections were how they involved exploration. Not how they involved having a lot of silver.