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Add-ons Permanently Bugged?

The add-ons I have installed years ago seem to be unable to be removed. I have unistalled and shredded my tos addons folder and some of them aren’t coming off the client when I play. Please help! it’s getting in the way of enjoying the game

One example is as follows : I cannot use the market at all! It’s completely broken, nothing comes up, PERIOD. I’ve deleted the add-on for the market but its still not working at all

i think u need to uninstall it via the tos add on manager, just deleting the addon folder doesnt work

Reinstall the game dude.

Just as a new patch can make certain parts of the code obsolete or cause bugs, old add-ons can also end up messing things up.

I honestly don’t get why people is so obsessed with add-ons to begin with. Without a dedicated someone to update them constantly, they only serve the purpose of potentially ruining your game build every time it’s patched.

I haven’t used an add-on on years and I don’t really feel I’d need them at all.

I have done that already! I have unistalled them through the add-on manager. I Unistalled and shredded the folder from the first version of the add-on manager to install the new 2.0 version.

uninstall trhough addon manager / remove files from addon folder >> verify integrity. or reinstall game.

The problem is that I am unable to unistall through the the add-on, I am only able to shred the folder/files

Some very old addons files are (maybe) not in SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\TreeOfSavior\data (you cleared that, right) but somewhere in the windows user folders, not sure which right now. Try looking in them.
That should be the only addon locations


Try this

Windows key + r
type %appdata%
look for tos addon manager folder and delete