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Add more burning weekend benefit

burning weekend is awesome, it gives temptation to play on weekend
but we also need more unique benefit so the rotation doesnt feel boring
my suggestions are:

  1. ichoring success rate boost +20%
    you implemented this as season server buff, so implementing this as burning weekend should be easy.

  2. npc item 50% discount
    when its up all npcs item that purchasable with silver will get discount. its a good day to hoard items like bg recipe, mats, that expensive card leveling crystal etcs

  3. odd number transcedence 50% discount
    cause why only even? just make sure both doesnt appear in same month except you are being gracious

  4. traveling merchant 50% discount, +5% skill gem drop
    discount for silver sink geraldases. also add higher drop rate of skill gem

  5. content point obtain +100%
    boosting content point obtained for the day

  6. 0 cost storing/retrieving item from storage, 20% discount for increasing storage space
    its not only personal storage but also guild shared storage which today consume 0 mileage! also reduce the cost of increasing team and personal storage!

  7. guild quest reset
    just like receiving effect of legend raid reset this effect only usable for guild master. upon use the guild quest entry will reset to 3

heres another crazier one yet still make sense and not too much(at least for me)

  1. +8% success rate base of enhancing legend card

  2. +5% success rate of anviling

  3. +3% success rate of enhancing seals

  4. vv drop rate +5%

remember, some effect appear more than once a month but some other is only once a month, and its only last one day (or two if you use it by last minute)