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Add. Dmg build?

My chaplain is dead, so now i have a bunch of INT/CON/CRIT/ADD DMG ichors, and i realy like playing control mage, so i was wondering, is a Added dmg viable for a mage?? For chaplain works because of his Vaivora mace, so maybe could work on a Taoist or Mioj build? I HATE Elememe, was thinking in something like Sage-Cryo-Tao using a Rod and Shield.

Main focus is being a damage dealer with some forms of CC, a friend recomended Mioj, but i never tried the class

There are some options which can work with rod + shield, like cryomancer, sage, sorcerer, necro, featherfoot, rune caster, onmyoji and taoist are all options. I really don’t know if psychokino would be good with rod + shield.
I myself would pick cryomancer + rune caster + taoist.
Cryo is your main control.
Rune Caster for damage, Rune of Protection attribute [immunity to Knockdowns and Knockbacks] and because I like this class.
Taoist for buffing not only your elemental damage but it’ll benefit your entire party.

But of course you can try other options! You could pick Onmyoji over Rune Caster.
These are some ideas.

Multihit like plague/druid/krivis/miko may work as well, for more cc pair it with slow cards/equips …