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Activate passage purifier on crystal mine floor 1

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23:36 on 2/3/2022 EST (actually this bug started 24 hours ago)
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N_America Klaipeda
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The current condition is that when I stand in front of the passage purifier, interaction to it is impossible, and the mission keeps leading me back to the NPC, the alchemist at the gate of crystal mine, who keeps repeating the same guidance: to use the compass. However, now that I cannot interact with passage purifier, the compass cannot be activated either and I am stuck at this mission, all I can do is to kill the monsters and level up. Going to the second floor changes nothing.

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Try using keyboard to interact with NPCs (in this case the purifier) which you cannot with mouse.

The compass interaction only appears if you have the quest among your selected active quests, since it is a multiquest is easy to not have all the quest selected since the base multiquest one occupies one slot , go to quest list on F5 or the scroll icon bottom right and make sure it is selected, also it may work to use the compass directly from inventory.

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