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[Account Recovery] Lost Account (SEA transfer)

I am a player from SEA server
Due to the server merging, I did not log into the game within the time limit.
Resulting in a new server now (W server)
There is no character information. I don’t know if I can restore my previous character.
My STEAMID: aa3803063
In my impression, the profession of the game character is DRAGOON
In my impression, the level is [325~327]

Name of the Steam account where the transferred team currently exists: aa3803063
Newly created Steam account name : aa3803063
Newly created team name in your newly created Steam account : ovaltine
The server for the deleted team you want to move : Telsiai
The deleted team name you want to transfer : ovaltine


Considering that your character is low level and has probably only obsolete equipment, you shouldn’t really bother about recovering it and just make a new account and use the popo boost event to get a level 480 character with the goodies to level it up. Unless of course you had TP items like costumes you want to recover…

Thank you for your reply, I will refer to it
After all, I spent more than 600 hours playing, I still feel a little bit reluctant to leave it.