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Accidently lost my summer festa event weapon

Hello, I just finished getting 6500 coins today, in my excitement I ran to the transcend NPC in fediman to make it 9 and I didn’t realise that event weapon does not have potential. Its gone now. Please help me as I can’t even refarm it as its limited to one per team.

so u attempted to transcend without using 100% of the BG required?


Yes. I’m a returner and I still don’t know much about the new systems, infact it was the first transcend attempt I did. I read that there that it’d lose potential but didn’t notice that weapon didn’t have any potential.

hi, my condolence to ur lost weapon. In the event u dont manage to get it back (which is highly possible since this is a player mistake) u can make ur own savinose weapon and farm for the t8 scroll from the event shop.

Good luck


Transcend is not new. You also receive a warning that it’s going to be destroyed on a fail.

To be honest I’m surprised it even lets you try to transcend something with no potential, but it’s very important that you read warnings carefully in this game as there are many of them and bad decisions have serious consequences.

Fortunately, real savinose gear is very cheap to make, and you can get the stage 5 or stage 8 scrolls from the event all the same.


rip to +11 and free opened socket part. Now you must going through heart racing of anvil again

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When I played Transcend wasn’t there, I left very early. It gave a warning that i’d lose potential, I didn’t realise there was no potential. 28 million doesn’t seem cheap to make for me really.

@STAFF_William Bro please help me.

time to make a new account and farm 6500 coins again.
Oops, or just 8 planium and 3500 coins for trans 8 scroll.
It’s your false, not the system.

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I never blamed anyone other myself man.

Well, i must say what…


i proud of you…
you make my dream become true…

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show some sympathy bruh, when i was a newbie i transcended without 100% and didnt know i lost 2 pot on my staff

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Hm? He tag a GM, like a GM will solve his mistake or something?
And beside I have given him 2 options to resolve his problem.

I wasn’t even sure what would happen if someone tried to transcend an item without potential (note: when you try to awaken it, it says that the potential is 0/-1). I had thought it would remove 1 trans level and consume whatever BGs you used. Now I know…

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more like accidentally break it…on your own.

you can do all they suggest or come back on the next summer festa alike

Player mistek.

Sorry for your loss

the nice thing in mmo’s is that other players exist and can be potential friends that can help you with in-game problems :satisfaction:

i’m not trying to be dismissive or something, but don’t you think it’s a bit unfair for the others if someone gain special treatment from their own shortcomings while everyone else that is governed by the system, abides to it? ‘w’;;;

well, i’m sorry to say that it’s not coming back. If say, the GM gives you preferential treatment on this case, imagine just how much players gonna whine that the GM does not give their broken weapons back. If it applies to one player, then it applies to all, otherwise it wouldn’t be fair. also, the transcend system should warn you before actually transcending so… yeah, my condolences.

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