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Accidentally Sell Ichor and Legend Gears on NPC

Hello , i accidentally sell my ichor and varna sword to npc (sometimes its happen) ,
the chronology is , im going to change my Varna Sword’s random ichor with the other one , so i press “Space” on fedimian blacksmith then i choose equip ichor with my pointer (mouse) then use “Space” again but , i was distracted by homies talking to me , so i didnt notice the window that poped after i press “Space” to the blacksmith , so i just quickly press both Sword and Ichor then press OK (still didnt notice im on the wrong window its shop window not equip ichor window) , then after i realize , my varna sword and ichor both on the “item sold” tray .

Can IMC help me to get these items , i know its my fault that im not focus while doing this , and i was told by my guildmate that buyback feature is removed , im really sad and mad at myself doing so stupid thing like this .

I hope that items can get recovered .

Server : TELSIAI
Team Name : Caleu
Character Name : Lugh (Peltasta - Rodelero - Murmillo)

Thank you .

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help this poor guys pls


Bump for awareness and care… hmm I suggest a notification if we try to sell ichors to npcs?

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hello i wanna know how’s ur item now
cus i just did the same thing as u lol

Read and follow the instructions.

yes i already do that and send ticket
but i just wanna know if the item is gonna be restored or not
cus its +16 glacia legenda bow tra 10 with full ichor there
its my main char weapon sadly
for a casual player like me it cost so much to make it
and i dont have resource or silver to make a new one in the mean time

ohhh for the update i get back my bow now
soo if any of u guys mistakely sell it like me or any accident i think sending ticket is good
once again thanks imc