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Accidentally destroyed my harvest growth weapon

Server : [SEA] Sigita

Team Name : Keysan

Character Name : K1

While I was trying to test out the transcendence stage 5 voucher I right clicked it then I right clicked my weapon then It prompt me to enter “0000” then it discarded my weapon. I really want it back I just recently came back and tried a new game on the new server that just recently opened.

You don’t need that weapon anyway. Just play on and get the Kedorian stuff @ Wings of Vaivora, it’s much enough to play.

How can I get the kedorian stuff from wings vaivora is there any specific requirements?

You have to reach a certain level and then you can claim it. Just talk to her and pick Kedoran support something ^^

The levels are 40, 75, 120, 170, 220, 270, 315, 350 and 400. They won’t show up until you reach the right level so don’t be worried if you don’t see them. Just be careful because sometimes the order of the items switches around when you open them, so don’t do what I did and click the same spots by reflex (at first, the bottom four items of the armour boxes were plate, but they switched to gloves so I picked the wrong thing before I realised).