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Accidentally deleted charater


Dear IMC i have accidentally deleted one charater, in that charater which i deleted have many important items such as BG BS and many core, can i have it back? PLS help or any solution for this??

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Chúc bạn may mắn.
Good luck. Imc pls help this poor soul.


Send a ticket man, and pray.


Support > Login > Submit a ticket


Can they actually do anything? I thought characters were saved in a database somewhere and once deleted it was permanent unless they decide to rollback the whole base…


they use some hide technique. no delete have been done.


Yea, there was a similar case. The guy deleted through rage his whole lodge and was regretting later on. He got all back.


thanks guys!!! still waiting respone from IMC, i’m offline right now, quit game maybe @@ because many importal item in this char,
I dont have motivation for keep playing, im so stupid forgot check personal storage zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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Be patient! Maybe this can still be fixed. :satisfaction: If you sent a ticket, check on your Spam mail or the ticket page. They usually take a day to reply, since there’s many tickets entering daily.

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Thanks guys !!! i have my item back usefull ticket :smiley:

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