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Accessory Gear Help!



I’m trying to gear my dps wizard (pyro+ele+tao) and I’m confuse on what accessory set I’m suppose to use. I see a lot of people using solmiki brace+necklaces, should I be getting that? I would like something that can boost my attack and perhaps my defense as well?

The other sets I currently see are Lynnki sets and verjo sets.There’s also Drankonas set but I’m too broke for that



Agni necklace is a cheap option (boosts fire skills by 50%)



You have a lot of options:

  • top choice: drakonas lynnki sit (working on this atm, but it requires a ton of luck/investment in bossing… or simply a ton of money to buy the initial items and the upgrades) – note: imo, basic lynnki sit isn’t worth the hassle, only do this if you plan on getting the drakonas version
  • verijo set (decent, but again you need luck on Velcoffer cubes)
  • solmiki set (3 pieces for stat stick – just need the latest ET patch to speed up the process of getting those 35F essences for the necklace)
  • Akro Galia Bangles + Agny Necklace (unfortunately, the Electra Necklace doesn’t work with Tao skills)
  • cheapest choice (well it’s free): Gift of Demise + Schaffenstar Bracelets

And why not a Cevisa Irredian set to boost your CON and defense instead of boosting your attack?



does abyss set not recommended? simply for more crits/aar +4.