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Access Restricted

Please fill in as much as you can :

Date and Time(Please, specify the timezone) : 16/05/2019, 2pm UTC +9:30

Server Name: Klaipeda

Team Name: Dyne

Character Name: Hauberk

Bug Description : Was playing the game as usual and trying to run the lvl 50 dungeon for sprouts then suddenly I was having connection issues and kept trying log back which worked sometimes but after I kept trying over and over I got the message saying my access is restricted.
I have not done anything against the terms of service so I am unsure of why this happened.
I also sent a ticket in but got no helpful response.

Steps to reproduce the issue :

  1. Steam Login
  2. Launch Tree of Savior
  3. Restricted access popup when trying to login

Screenshots / Video :
(attach screenshots or videos regarding the bug)


That’s really strange, did you sell anything for an absurd price on the market? Or macro?

Permanent ban. FYI if IMC reply to this thread it will be to tell you to submit a support ticket so you should get started on that :X

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I didn’t sell anything for an unusual price and if I did use a macro I wouldn’t be so confused as to why im banned.

Huh, strange, maybe @STAFF_Amy can shed some light on what happened.

I heard a report from another player who had commander load fail and was spamming login for some time and was banned shortly thereafter and also claims to not have broken EULA. Could be a real issue?

I already mentioned in the post I sent a ticket in but the response wasn’t really informative or helpful

I actually got banned while trying to spam the login unsuccessfully so that might be the reason why I guess?

I’ve also had this issue and had to have it resolved manually. @GM_Francis

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So you were false flagged and they reversed the ban?

Problem is; for the other person I heard this happen to- they just made a new account cause getting 1 char passed 160 was quicker than waiting a week for action to be taken through support tickets.

I had the same issue mentioned above close to the same time and I got no clarified answers so far and I also make a thread explaining my situation Access Restriction. I hope it was just a bug due to the serve instability or something else at that time and IMC team can help us solving this.

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@GM_Francis please forward this to someone. Everyone has sent a ticket but there is clearly a bigger issue here than a single false flag.

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Bumping for exposure. People with week old tickets have not been replied to yet. Just looking for confirmation that IMC is looking into this. @GM_Francis

This has happened to me as well honestly, I got disconnected from the game, kept trying to login. Ended up changing lodges/channels and was able to finally login only to be banned afterwards. When I sent in a ticket I got, what seems to be a copy paste response. It wasn’t very helpful, I did request further explanation but I haven’t heard anything for about five days or so on the issue.

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People have just started quitting the game, since this is also affecting users that have accounts that are 2+ years old.

This situation should be resolved, as I’ve heard a number of people got unbanned.

If you’re still having problems, put in a ticket with your team name.

why i restricted due to a maintenance? recover my id pls

The OP of this post is still banned and has already created a ticket + replied to the email.