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Please fill in as much as you can :

Date and Time(Please, specify the timezone) : Wed May 29 around 09:00

Server Name: SA Silute

Team Name: Ragdoll

Character Name: Manta

Bug Description :
I was playing (leveling up a character at Irredian Shelter) and all of a sudden I was kicked from the game. Since then I cant log in into my account as I keep recieving the message “Your access to the game is currently restricted due a maintenance or other reasons.” Despite playing the entire day, I have never touched any bot/macro/addon.

Steps to reproduce the issue :

  1. Steam Login
  2. Launch ToS
  3. Restricted notification pop-up

Screenshots / Video :

Hello awmotta,

Kindly send us a ticket for us to properly investigate on your account.

Hi, @GM_Francis,

I just recieved something like an automatic answer for the ticket saying that I was banned for violating the terms of service and EULA of the game. As I said, I have never used ANY bot, macro or addon or did anything else but playing the game. Could you please help me solve this?

I’d like to say that my friend @Ziodyne also had this issue, and several other forum goers have had this issue and made posts too.

They all got that email you received due to a false positive ban for the very same reason you did with the very same method.

We have tried everything. Sent tickets, replied to emails, etc and no response.

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