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Abys Irredian set


bye Nepagritas, we will miss you,

guys please share irredian price in your server, in Sea price for abys bracelet recipe is 25m silver cheapest,.the price unstable because new content, anyone can predict stable price? haha


Nepagristas is better: (2 x 45) + 52 + 350(max bonus) = 492 crit rate.
Abys = (60 x 2) + 75 + 200(max bonus, 5% proc chance, only 5sec) = 395 crit rate.


But yeaah
for cost/benefit, abys is way better.


Not really, Magic Stone isn’t really cheap right now, it’s 15M on Silute, so with the recipe the price will be almost the price of Nepagristas.
Also you can upgrade your Nepagristas to Drakonas Pasiutes in the future, Abyss will be obsolete.
Unless you wait for the prices drop to something like 3M the crafted acessory I don’t think it’s worth rn


the price on Fedimian is about 6m for the recipe and 15-18m for the magic stone, so it’s about 35-50% of the cost of a nepagristas bracelet.

Imo Abyss Irredian is even better for PVE than Drakonas Pasiutes since it adds AoE attack ratio and SP.

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Okay so… There are a lot of different numbers flying around. I made a spreadsheet to try to make a bit more sense of these things. I didn’t spend a lot of time formatting, so it might be a bit confusing, but it gets the job done. You can try copying it and modifying values as you see fit, especially the market prices.

Here are my main thoughts:

  • I assume that enhancement bonuses are nonexistent. If I wanted those bonuses I would expect to use golden anvils, which would cause the costs to shoot up really fast. And there’s no guarantee it’ll even pay off.
  • I assumed that the Abyss set effect is multiplicative against other effects like concentration. I also assume that I would have reasonably high uptime on an archer.
  • The Abyss Irredian Set is easily better for the same amount of investment. At the same investment the Abyss set would give me 1014 crit rate compared to the 913 crit rate of the Nepagristas set.
  • It would cost me something like 300m more silver to get to the point where the Nepagristas set is superior.
  • The Nepagristas set could be used in a Drakonas recipe, but I wouldn’t want to use an upgraded Nepagristas set for that. That would seem wasteful.
  • The price of the Abyss Set’s mats are already quite low and I only expect them to drop more.
  • The Abyss set has more ‘neutral’ stats that would make it useful for both mages and physical damage dealers.

thats my point, u right I see in the cheap way but get quite advantage, I want to invest to another stuff like other kind of weapon, because for now I only have velcof pistol +16, I want to play other class weapon like wiz, cleric and swordman, i dont want to invest in 1 set of lux item.haha

to get max potential of nepagritas need to anvil with the golden anvil but for abys every hit 5% chance can add crit rate 10% for 5 sec (if my crit total 1115 with abys can become +111.5)


thx for price info, thats so cheap in other server so I just need to wait the price down, :smiley:


In my case, my Nepagristas set is trans 7, giving 247 fixed crit rate, against 195 from Abyss (without the proc)
Would it be worth trading it?


Upgrade to d.pasiute.

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