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In the quest where I have to go to the search scout, the first line of text when the monsters appear in a cutscene the text gets distorted and appears outside of the text balloon.

Please fix the MIssion caps typo. It’s driving me crazy every time I click this sub-forum. :frowning:

Before anything, I have in mind this is a beta. That said, I’m hoping that the final product will have more elaborated quests. Ones that fill you in with the lore of the game and be something more than “kill x of that monster” or “get x items”. It would be a shame to a game looking that damn good and with such fun gameplay and unique visuals to fall to oversaturated fetch quests that we see in almost every single other MMO.

First of all apologize for the translation.
My take on quest and missions is that this and it spoiled the game , the quests up to where I am are all the same the first map ever bring forth the same thing for me around the tiring and unpleasant game seriously can not stand having to faces a boss every 5 minutes. The gameplay and the graphics of the game are so good , so nice game so that the quest are so boring , seriously I intend to continue to play in the beta without making the quest or simply stop the game to keep this incessant repetition that quest become the game. I know in this beta is not to say that it looks like , however this experience was disheartening

This is a photo from the first server. I can’t complete the mission in Nugria Sanctum.
Is this bug or just the lag?

I’ve been doing the field boss for my 3rd advancement, hunter that is, but every time i come close to defeating the boss, about 45% hp left on it, i get disconnected from the server. Every damn time, 4 times in a row now. The quest is [[Dream book of the bow]] advancement quest. On the vubble outpost, fighter vubble field boss.

As a beginner playing this game, it’s really hard to find a way to gain (exp).
Often missed quests in those maps.

i suggested put more work on the instructions of this game, in order to have a relaxation environment when players are playing this game.

Putting time on this game is great,fun but i don’t agree killing 100000 monsters only for 1 level.
Normally, player will loss their passion when the game is not doing well.

It would be really nice to have some quests class exclussive, like an side history for the class or something, cause it is boring to raise another character and pass by all the same quests over and over again if I want a new character, I want a new experience, not only in gameplay but in quests as well. Thanks! And great job by the way, can’t wait to play the final version.

For the quest named Carvings on the Pillar, is there any reason why there is a spawn time for the hidden pillar? The reward for this quest is not worth to wait 2 hours, this quest should be fixed as it is making people too much precious time on leveling their character.

In my experience in missions just now… I’m level 120 and i was randomly partied with 130’s I ended up battling 135 Bosses… which I don’t gain exp couz of the gap… could you adjust the party random system in missions only… something to detect the level of the player and place them in the appropriate level that they can gain exp from missions alone… Just sharing a idea… if that’s possible to do… that was 2 wasted missions for me… sad to say it really hurts that I wanted to gain another level during the 3 runs… but i ended up fighting a higher level boss even my damage can’t do much couz im gap… :cry: