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About the One-Channel Gemstone Feud

Disregarding the stamp event (having a lot of people makes it more difficult to get an MVP and fulfill the stamp, especially if you’re a weaker or newer player), how do people feel about having only one channel in Gemstone Feud? In Klaipedia matches are anywhere from 25v25 to 40v40, which means there’s a lot of people and a lot going (for better or for worse). I heard a rumor that this was an intentional change, so now I’m wondering how people feel about it…

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I’ll give a selfish argument to bring back the 3 channels – I simply don’t have the time to attend feud every evening so if I want to get my 2x7 BGs per week, I need to be able to farm 500 gems for highest amount of badges. :distinguished:

The biggest issue is lag, VGA and disconnection. In telsiai, there are 60 vs 60 matches and basically if you don’t die from lag, you’ll get disconnected, and you can’t go back anymore because of the channel limit. :frowning:

I wonder if we’ll get any official word about whether or not one channel is intended.

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