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Great! that will clear things up :slight_smile:


Hello @STAFF_Ethan

I just wanna know if we can still buy again the early access 1 even if we already have it on one account? If yes, can we still receive the same benefits? i need to know because I am planning to buy again. Need to know asap. Thank you :slight_smile:


Hi ,
This morning(EU) i plant to buy a Anvil and then click it ,but by accident click my ignition too, and it was sold to NPC for 6501 silver, and im wondering how to get it back, or say if theres a way to help me out of this , thx:slight_smile:


Charactor Name:ARu

Team Name :Albero



Hello @STAFF_Ethan

Unfortunately, I just now found out about a transfer. I have no opportunity to move on the European server now or later for free or TP?


Hello IMC Team,

I am very hopefull writing on help center this topic.

My problem is about my transfer to silute server.
I opened a ticket, however I think my ticket was not saved or registered to IMC system. Or I had sent a wrong ticket.
Receiving sad notice, I saw IMC post about that the transfer window is closed, for me a little window time from 26th April to 2nd May.
I have many things on the week and weekend going by my work, university and another kind of stuff. It’s not fair.

Generating my doubt, is it possible to open a new ticket for you to solve my problem?

If not that will be very sad, I already pay the founder pack 1 and my team has chars with level 100+, if I can’t be able to transfer I will be very dissapointed, and very able to give up with my GUILD with some of my friends.

Can you help me IMC?


My team name is Kakarotto
My steam is [EnY] Kakarotto
My server is Orsha and I need to go to Silute

Any help that I can supply to you for help me I appreciate.

Thanks a lot and I’m sorry to bother you with my mistakes,

Here is the new ticket that I opened to transfer. Can you help me? thanks a lot!


Hello IMC Team, now how can i buy TP in steam?


From what i’ve heard the pricing system has been announced but still waiting for approval from steam or something like that, so its going to be awhile:o i might be wrong tho


Hi @STAFF_Ethan
I’m currently playing in [SEA]Varena and wanted to transfer my Varena to Telseai is that possible? I’m playing this game because of my friend(who is playing in Telseai). I’m playing in Varena because the time i joined Telseai can’t accept new player. Is there any possible that i can change my server to [SEA]Telseai? Thank for the reply.

Server : [SEA]Varena
Team Name : SengokuShin

Trying to change to server : [SEA]Telseai


for the last 2 or 3 weeks, i noticed that i can No longer Look at the Help center Topics, whenever i click on “off topic” or “help center” i just go back to the main headline options on the forum for all subjects over and over again.
it doesn’t let me Look at help center topics or off topic references Either.
is this a bug or anyone else noticed such thing ?
pardon this random question. i can’t tell if i’m not reading propperly on how to open it or not, strange enough They won’t show on screen regardless of how many times i click on them.

was there a change on this at all ? -i suspect i’m doing something wrong, but can’t tell why the forum won’t show me Off-topic and help center at all.


hello everyone,

im having some technical issues with the game. i got old character ranger, but its not attacking (normal attack). i used other character but it works fine. i created new archer still not attacking. can anyone help me? i tried to relog, reinstall, but nothing happened.


Windows 10 64 Bit.

Verified Game cache.
Run as Administrator.
Reinstalled Game.

Still stuck with this launcher, don’t know if its progressing.


window 8.1 64 bits


My tp just is not generating at all. Although it says it is max 5, and i have played more than 4 hours im still not getting any. How? Please help im kinda new. Lvl 45


I will keep this short and sweet…

I would like to work for the North American (Klaipeda) server as an in-game bot remover if that is even an option.

My goal is to be able to real-time remove bots from the server. I will be sure to record video as proof for each occurrence.

I know I may not catch them all, but I would like to see more activity in-game for these issues, instead of just reporting with the tools we have such as forum posts and the right-click report option.

If this position is available please let me know what I need to submit to begin the process of applying.


genius team of tree of savior


I can not buy in the market tells me that I have to wait until 1/18/18 and we are already on the day 19/1/18
one hand please