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About the Game Lag category

Bugs reports regarding Game Lag belong to this sub-category.
(ex. too slow while playing, unable to attack the monsters, unable to move your character, etc.)


This is okay for stress test keeping in mind 150k players.
Hope wont use it.

Yeah 150k people registered, can’t imagine how crowded it would be hehehe :joy_cat:

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150k is illusory, someone already confirmed that if you try to confirm if you got registered for beta the counter mark as another register, that and you can be sure that we may have 35k-40k players, which i belive 20%-30% may leave during the first 2 weeks and the rest that will stay 50% may have come just to play and probably wont even bother to report bugs.

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I have community on Thailand, and we’re concern about the game latency so much. Can you tell us which server we connect,where it locate,any solution you prepare to service the whole world and others detail to make us confidence, now our community gone crazy :scream:

I’m have a lot of lag. I can’t log sometimes, i can’t click my itens. The loadings is eternal. Can you help us IMC? :sleepy:
Thank you for your work. We need this game so much, but actually is so difficult play in this situation. Thank you again.

we need more channels for the lv50+ zones, just 1 channel for that tons of people just make the game unplayable :c

I used a lot of exp cards while lagging and i didnt receive all the experience :disappointed:

gold spammers using megaphones, drops FPS to low low lvls and with server lag as it is, it’s death and very unplayable :frowning:

So SEA server a lot lag and delay , Ping unstable 0.1-0.2 but feel like 0.5 - 1.0
example I cast Multishot full bar but not full level skill just skilled LV 4 - 5 in LV10
please do something sloved this

Multishot and other charge skills DO NOT WORK IN THIS LATENCY. They are USELESS. Verdict? GAME’S BUSTED, PLZ ACKNOWLEDGE PUBLICLY AND FIX in order to retain your community. I’m on Orsha, but this seems widespread across multiple servers

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