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  3. Bad languages will not be tolerated. If you have to make your character swear to illustrate the character’s personality, make imaginary swear words.

  4. Of course, the work must be related to Tree of Savior.

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Am scare about the future of this category…

Humans+ internet+ fan fic = heaven or hell

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Gonna get creepy around here…:cold_sweat:

Bring out ALL the smut!


No smut for you!

In all seriousness, let’s not have smut.

But instead let’s all listen to a mathematician from NSA singing about smut.


Great as usual John,but this is basically asking for it.

But it’s alright…

I’ll grab some popcorn :smile:


If things get out of hand, we will push the big red button and destroy this subcategory.

Of course, I will tell you about the rabbits before it happens.


You know, “button” is a swear word according to the ToS filter cuz it contains… Well, something. :anguished:

Anyway, I promise that if I write something, I will keep it on the Disney level (full of subliminal messages and stuff).


Can’t wait for 50 shades of savior.


B-but… Smut is the ESSENCE of fan fic.:smiling_imp:

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I stand there nervously shaking, completely new to this. I can feel his body pressed against my back.

“Teach me, master”, I say, looking back at him.

He puts his arms around me and places his hands on my Superior Long Rod. My legs begin to stiffen as he tightens his grip on my weapon.

“Are you ready?”, he asks. I look at him and softly nod.

Shivers run up my spine as I prepare myself for what is about to happen. I close my eyes, and let him guide me through this. Together we lift my rod, and I can feel the energy building up inside of it.

When my rod is fully lifted, he lets out a powerful cry and the energy explodes from the tip of my rod, “Eeeeeeeeeeennneeeeergyyyyyyy Booooooooooooolt!!!”.

When I open my eyes, I see the mess that we made together. Kepo blood.

“I didn’t realize this would be so messy”, I say to him. He begins to laugh, “You C1 Wizards are so naive.”