About the Community Guides category


About the Community Guides category

  • We will not accept guides that are similar to others already published in our official forums.

  • Guides added to the new ‘Community Guides’ category may be removed if they become outdated.

  • You will not be able to post in the new ‘Community Guides’ category directly. Any guides must be posted in the ‘Game Tips and Strategies’ category, from where they can be moved by a staff member.

  • Players are encouraged to be a part of the process, report outdated or incorrect guides, and recommend well-written ones be added to the new category.

  • Class guides will be allowed, but individual build guides will not be as they are too narrow in scope.

Submission Guidelines

1) In the body of the post, please include your server and team name information.

2) Guides must include a sufficient amount of up-to-date, correct information, sufficient quality of analysis, and be sufficiently comprehensive of the covered subject.

3) Guides must be conveniently displayed and formatted.

4) Guides must be written on the official TOS forums, and not on a link elsewhere. However, links to external resources, screenshots and videos etc. are allowed when used to complement the guide.

5) Outdated guides are not eligible for rewards.